Role: Chief Brand & Content Officer | XPRIZE
How does a small non-profit get the world behind its competition to create a real-world medical device, inspired by a 50-year old television property? By leveraging a content-hungry fan base of 40 million with digital and event experiences that make them the stars of the campaign. 
Step 1: Negotiate a content-for-distribution global partnership with CBS to leverage their 8 million users across their owned and earned channels. 
Step 2: Create great experiential content. 
Step 3: Get the fans to do your marketing for you by joining the "Tricorder Federation,"  participating in conventions, contests, social media, video content and an online app. 
Thousands of fans used the app to upload their branded cosplay photos to their social channels, choosing from fictional Star Trek diseases and real world medical conditions to answer perennial questions such as, "Balt'Masor Syndrome or Arthritis? Wouldn't you like to know?" Star Trek celebs new and old quickly came on board to lend their support in interviews and as part of the campaign, including George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Brent Spiner, Kate Mulgrew, Robert Picardo, Simon Pegg, John Cho, and JJ Abrams – as well as a featured segment on George's web series, "Takei's Take."
In addition, I created the weekly blog, "Treknosis," and distributed it across all Star Trek channels, highlighting heath-focused episodes and tech that is turning "science fiction into science reality." I also forged a strategic partnership with CBS licensee, IDW Publishing, to create a competition-branded, Star Trek comic book featuring all six doctors together for the first time, featured at Comic Con San Diego with 20K sold.
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