I've been a digital marketing leader and agency veteran with deep digital experience for over 25 years at such notable companies as WPP's Grey Global Group, Ogilvy & Mather, Denstu Carat, Infosys, EY, non-profit innovation engine, XPRIZE, as well as my own agency, MagickBox.
As a trusted advisor to Fortune 100 senior execs, I've helped global brands and entertainment companies navigate the complex digital landscape of mobile, social, and content while driving strategic vision in an increasingly digital world where engagement and experience are paramount.
From leading creative teams to an entire agency of 150+, I pride myself on building and managing collaborative teams, inspiring those who work for me, those I work with, and being inspired by them in return. My management style is based on a "best idea wins" philosophy that values teamwork over ego.  
Bottom line is I like to have fun. I'm a guitarist, songwriter and magician. I'm also the voice of "Hot Potato," the potato-passing game! I'm a pop culture junkie who has way too much useless trivia floating around my head – I raised my two daughters on The Twilight Zone, Planet of the Apes, the laws of cartoon physics and Walt Disney's philosophy of the plausible impossible. 
I've worked on nearly every category imaginable from athletic shoes, finance, packaged goods, restaurants, toys, and telcos to multiple entertainment properties for CBS/Paramount, Disney, Hasbro, Lifetime Television, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., and more. Feel free to check out some of my projects here. Given the constraints of space and time (and websites), they are merely toplines of robust, experiential programs. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but there is much more in the telling. So, if you're interested in learning more about my journey, give me a shout. 
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